To implement Base line Survey to make an assessment of health outcomes relating to

climate change and knowledge about Climate Change among rural population in

Bangladesh, a questionnaire has been developed. The survey will be implemented by

CCHPU under MOHFW, funded by the trust fund of MOEF and conducted by-

Epidemiology Department of the New Castle University in Australia & Health

Communication Network. A total of 224 villages, 112 unions, and 28 upazilas under 8

districts of Bangladesh will be the study area. All the house holds of the randomly

selected villages will be recruited in the study. On average, each village will consist of 30

households. Information will be collected from 6750 respondents.

To document current perception and knowledge about climate change and its health

impacts of the eligible participants, to collect baseline data on climate change related

disease like malaria, dengue & diarrheal diseases, to estimate mortality of drowning and

snake bites during extreme events of climate change, to estimate period prevalence of

diarrhea and pneumonia (ARI) of under 5 children, to estimate current health care

expenditure of family units in the study areas, to asses availability and accessibility of

health system in adaptation process at community level, to assess school health

promotion and use of community clinics at study areas and to asses BMI of the

participants for measuring nutritional status to relate food security in the study areas. The

study will be conducted for one year which will be able to capture the annual seasonal

trend of the specific diseases under study. Later on the findings will be compared with the

previous available data on same diseases and asses if any changes have occurred in the

disease pattern.

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